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Whistleblowing policy - New Brighton Primary School

Whistleblowing policy


The Public Interest Disclosure or “Whistleblowing” Act came into force in July 1999.  “Whistleblowing” is about accountability and responsibility.  

This may cover something that:

  • makes you feel uncomfortable in terms of known standards, your experience or the standards you believe the school subscribes to
  • is against the Council’s Standing Orders and school policies
  • falls below established standards of practice
  • amounts to improper conduct

The earlier concern is expressed the easier it is to take action.

Serious concerns include:

  • conduct which is an offence or a breach of law
  • disclosures related to miscarriages of justice
  • health and safety risks, including risks to the

public or employees

  • damage to the environment
  • the unauthorised use of public funds
  • possible fraud and corruption
  • other unethical conduct.
  • Falsifying statutory returns
  • Breach of statutory legislation
  • Safeguarding concerns should be raised with the Wirral Safeguarding Board through the Local Authority designated officer

This school is committed to the highest possible standards of openness, probity and accountability.  In line with that commitment we expect employees, and others that we deal with, who have serious concerns about any aspect of school life to come forward and voice those concerns.  Individuals are often the first to realise that there may be something seriously wrong within the school.  However they may not feel able to express their concerns because they believe that speaking up would be disloyal to their colleagues or to the school.  They may also fear harassment or victimisation.  They may feel it would be easier to ignore the concern rather than report what may just be a suspicion of malpractice.

In the majority of cases, individuals with concerns will share those concerns with a member of the school’s senior management team but it is recognised that certain cases will have to proceed on a confidential basis.  The Policy and Procedure makes it clear that individuals can follow the procedure without fear of reprisals.  It is intended to encourage and enable all individuals to raise serious concerns within the school to maintain public confidence, rather than overlooking a concern, or ‘blowing the whistle’ outside of school.

The overriding concern is that it would be in the public interest for the malpractice or concern to be corrected and, if appropriate, sanctions applied.

To read our whistleblowing policy in full, please download it below.