Book of the month – February 2019

February's Book of the Month is The Bad Mood and The Stick by Lemony Snicket and Matthew Forsythe.

This is a story about a bad mood . . . and a stick.

The bad mood floats from person to person as things go wrong during their day.

First there’s Curly whose mum has said ‘No’ to her having an ice cream, then there’s her mum who gets it after Curly and her brother start fighting, and Lou who falls in a big, muddy puddle.

The stick gets passed around too until a caterpillar makes a beautiful cocoon on it.

Eventually everyone ends up happy . . . but the bad mood is always lurking somewhere. Maybe it’s behind you!

An entertaining story all about bad moods and how they come and go. Lovely illustrations and a good book to talk about with your child.