Book of the month – November 2018

November's Book of the Month is I’m Special, I’m Me! by Ann Meek and Sarah Massini

Milo is a small boy who loves pretending – animals, pirates, astronauts . . . anything!

But when he plays with his friends he doesn’t always get to pretend to be what he wants – he’s told he’s too short to be a pirate captain and not handsome enough to be a prince.

Fortunately, his mum is always there to show him the bright side. He may be too short to be a pirate captain, but he’s just the right size to climb the mast and be a look-out. And so what if he had to be a knight instead of a prince, you have to be really brave to be a knight!

This is a lovely picture book about a little boy learning that he can be anything he wants to be, and, more importantly, he can be himself.