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New Brighton Primary Summer Reads

Books of the month: Summer reads 2018

We've put together a list of great books in different categories for you to enjoy over the summer holidays. Happy reading!

Picture Books

Stuck by Oliver Jeffers

When Floyd gets his kite stuck up a tree he has a bright idea – throw something else up to knock it down.

Unfortunately he gets a bit (well, a lot!) carried away. As for how he’s going to get a blue whale, a house and a fire engine down from the tree . . . that’s another story.

A laugh-out-loud story which surprises you page after page.

There’s a Snake in My School by David Walliams

It’s Bring-your-pet-to-school Day and Miranda has brought her pet snake.

The other children are fascinated but the Headmistress does not like snakes. The fun really begins when Miranda’s snake is confiscated . . .

A bright and colourful picture book from an author who is best known for his books for older children.

Ages 5-9

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore by William Joyce

A beautifully illustrated story which will take you on a journey - from a young man searching for a story, right through to an old man passing on a lifetime of stories.

And if you like the book, there’s an Oscar-winning short film which is well worth watching too.

Wigglesbottom Primary series by Pamela Butchart

This series of books will have you giggling all summer.

Easy to read with illustrations throughout.

From the Toilet Ghost to Super Dog, hopefully even reluctant readers will be unable to put these books down.

Football School series by Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton

Love football? Then you’ll love these books.

Ever wanted to know if you can play football on Mars? Or what is a magic sponge? Read these books to find out!

Full of fascinating facts and figures, as well as true stories, to entertain and amaze you and your friends.

Ages 9-12

Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll

When Olive and her little brother, Cliff, are evacuated to the south coast they end up living in a lighthouse.

Little do they know that their biggest adventure is just beginning.

A fantastic story of mystery and smuggling set during the Second World War.

Sky Song by Abi Elphinstone

The snowy kingdom of Erkenwald is ruled over by the evil Ice Queen who has captured all the adults and is stealing their voices.

Only the children are left, but the Queen wants them too.

Can the brave Eska and Flint put aside their tribal differences and join forces to vanquish the evil queen for ever?