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Curriculum Statement: Maths - New Brighton Primary School

Curriculum Statement: Maths

Here at New Brighton we aim to ensure that all pupils become fluent in the fundamentals in mathematics; reason mathematically and can solve problems by applying their maths to a variety of non-routine problems.

In line with the National Curriculum we believe in the importance of all pupils mastering the content taught each year, supporting our children to gain greater depth within their band objectives.

Together we will:

  • Work in partnership with families and the wider community to achieve the highest standards of learning and behaviour.
  • Develop and maintain an ethos of mutual respect and promote self-esteem, responsibility, independence and confidence whilst recognising individual strengths.
  • Promote positive attitudes and understanding of healthy lifestyles and physical activity.
  • Provide a learning environment which enables children to become happy, secure and resilient.
  • Build on the positive relationships with home and the wider school, national and global communities to promote respect and inclusion for all.
  • Prepare all children for the challenges ahead, embracing technology and promoting a life-long love of learning

Here at New Brighton we work in close partnership with the North West Maths Hubs to ensure our children and teachers have the opportunity to embrace new approaches and deepen their understanding of maths. 

As a school, we follow a ‘CPA’ (concrete-pictorial-abstract) approach which allows children to access a variety of resources and methods in their maths lessons. This approach allows us to recognise every child’s individual strength while giving them the opportunity to build their resilience, self-esteem and independence.

As evident in our Calculation Policy, our children experience maths at every stage of development using the CPA (concrete-pictorial-abstract) approach. Each new strand of maths begins with investigating using  concrete apparatus such as manipulatives like Numicon, tens frames, place value counters, Diennes etc. Once this is secure, they move on to pictorial representations and then to the abstract methods of maths where numerals and more formal methods are used. 

Visits and trips to engage and enhance pupil experiences :

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 For links to curriculum overviews/plans for each band Please see maths section on curriculum tab