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Uniform - New Brighton Primary School


We expect children to be dressed in school uniform.  The school
colours are royal blue, grey and white.

Option 1

White/light blue shirt or polo shirt
School tie (optional for use with a white shirt)
Dark grey trousers/shorts
Black shoes/black or brown sandals in summer. No boots or trainers.
Grey/black socks
Royal blue sweatshirt or jumper

Option 2

White/light blue blouse or polo shirt
School tie (optional for use with a white shirt style blouse)
Dark grey skirt/tunic or formal dark grey trousers
Black shoes – low heels – no boots or trainers
White socks or grey tights in winter
Royal blue sweatshirt/jumper or cardigan

Option 3

Summer: optional blue & white summer dress with white or royal blue cardigan

P.E. Kit

All children should also bring a P.E. Uniform to school in a suitable P.E./Sports bag:

Black shorts

White T-Shirt

Black pumps

Children can bring a dark track suit (NOT a football team track suit) to wear if they are completing PE lessons outside in cold weather.


Children in years 5 and 6 will need a swimming kit until they have passed their national primary school swimming award which consists of :

A full one piece swim suit 

A pair of close fitting swim shorts which are above the knee and do not have pockets

A large bath size towel

School uniform can be purchased from Wallasey Schoolwear retailer which is situated in Liscard at the side of the Monkey House on the corner of Manor Road and Grosvenor Street, or alternatively Wirral School Uniforms in Birkenhead (opposite Argos).  Uniform with our logo is also available to order online with Tesco here.

We advise that children have sun cream when playing out in the sun and a hat to wear.



Children with shoulder length hair should come to school with their hair tied back to reduce the spread of head lice.
Hair accessories should not be over elaborate and should not include hair extensions.
Extreme hair styles, such as mohicans/ shaved sides/ coloured hair, should not be worn at school.

Jewelry and other valuables

Jewelry, including rings, should not be worn to school as nasty accidents can occur.If your child has pierced ears, only small studs should be worn in the interests of safety.

It must be noted that for health and safety reasons, jewelry / earrings must not be worn during PE lessons and we request that your child does not wear earrings to school on PE days.

Any child whose earrings cannot be removed for medical reasons can undertake PE providing the earring is covered by a plaster or tape. (Only stud earrings are acceptable in this case and parents should ensure that the plaster or tape is applied on PE days).Please note, however, the swimming pool does not allow children to wear earrings under any circumstances for swimming.

Wrist watches may be worn to school but we cannot accept responsibility for their safe keeping.