Tranquillity Room

Here at New Brighton Primary School we are very proud of our Tranquility room. Situated in the heart of our school, the Tranquility room offers a place for children to explore their feelings, to recognise how they feel about themselves and others while learning strategies to help them improve their social speaking and listening skills through a variety of activities.

Children are taught how to relax by having a hand / arm massage and foot reflexology, which has been proven to aid concentration and learning.

The Tranquility room is a safe haven to be able to promote a variety of programmes for the children such as:

1) The Tranquility Programme (6 week duration)

2) TLC

3) Friendship groups

4) Seasons for growth (bereavement programme)

5) Dealing with negative feelings

6) Socially Speaking




Our motto in Tranquillity is:
Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you
have to look a little harder.
Let the challenges make you stronger

Email the school to ask for your child to be referred into the tranquillity room using the form below

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