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Year Four - New Brighton Primary School

Year Four

All the news, updates and information for Year Four pupils can be found here.
Diary dates for Year Four pupils and parents can be found here.

Year 4 Residential and trip to Dewa in Chester

See our fantastic gallery from the trips by clicking on the image below!








Year 4 Trip to Rhyd-y-Creuau

See our fantastic gallery from the trip by clicking on the image below!

Year 4 Trip to Rhyd-Y-Creuau


Year 4 Curriculum Plan

The Year 4 Curriculum Plan – a guide to what your Year 4 child will be learning this year – has been updated to include a new history topic, as can be seen below.

Download the curriculum plan using the link below.

Year 4 Homework

Children should read at least 3 times per week and fill in their reading journal. They can read anything they enjoy, not just school books! A parent or guardian should then sign or initial the child’s journal to confirm they have read.

Children will be given spellings to learn each week, ready for a test the following week.

Children should also learn the times tables they are working on, ready for a times test the following week.

The National Curriculum states that all Year 4 children should know all their times tables, up to 12 x 12 by the end of the year.

Homework is given out on a Thursday and the tests will be the following Tuesday.

Useful resources





UPDATED: Year 3 and 4 Marking Policy

At the end of each lesson the children’s work will be marked against the day’s Success Criteria with the following codes.

– Achieved

PA - Partially achieved, the children need more practise.

NYA - the objective has not yet been achieved

The children will be provided with a success criteria checklist against which they should self-assess through the lesson at regular intervals and at the end of the lesson to ensure they have met the lesson objective. They will also have their literacy character targets (SPAG) and animal maths target cards (mental maths), which they will use when appropriate.

If the children get PA or NYA, they have not fully met the SC so this will be followed by a comment from the teacher explaining where they went wrong and how to address it. This could become their feed forward target for the rest of the lesson or following day if appropriate; this will help them to then meet their SC.

In literacy and maths, the teacher and TA will work with a group and discuss and mark their work with them. This should ensure that their work is better quality than if they worked independently. The teacher’s / TA’s marking should be apparent in their work. The teacher will also check the progress of the other groups during the lesson and they will mark their work as appropriate to indicate to them how to improve their independent work for the rest of the session and the following day.

In literacy the teacher may refer to a ‘nag’ target from a pre-prepared table. The children will have access to the codes for this table on the table and around the room. This ‘nag’ target will be a non-genre specific target which the children need to address in order to make their work accurate.

Through the week in literacy, the children will self and peer-assess their work, using a personalised target. They will stop after 10 minutes of writing and highlight instances where they have met their target. This will be checked by a peer, who will tick or correct using a blue pen. At the end of the lesson the children will re-check their work and again highlight where they have met their target and correct/improve using a purple pen. This will then be checked by the teacher, who will set next steps, as appropriate.